Unity hitbox 2d

Discussion in ' 2D ' started by The-BritainMar 24, Search Unity. Log in Create a Unity ID. Unity Forum. Forums Quick Links. Asset Store Spring Sale starts soon!

2D Hitboxes/Hurtboxes Based on Frame

Unite Now has started! Come level up your Unity skills and knowledge. Joined: Mar 31, Posts: The-BritainApr 5, Joined: Mar 22, Posts: Are you still going to put together an example project? The-BritainApr 6, Gekigengar likes this. Can't wait to see it. Alright, I am just about done with the example, sorry for the holdup. I will post something tonight. The-BritainApr 17, Joined: May 21, Posts: SVC-GamesApr 18, I've been working on a combo and hitstun system while waiting, it's coming along.

click or touch event for Box Collider 2D

Joined: Dec 14, Posts: The Britain, I have found a solution that works well for me, but I am unsure how much processing power it takes up. What I do is I have a prefabbed "attack hitboxes" object childed underneath the player. Then, I create subchildren for each attack, and then subchildren under each of those for each individual hitbox for each animation. Each hitbox subchild has a 2dpolygon trigger that are edited to match the specific frames of animation, a hitbox script, and and rigidbody 2d that doesn't do anything but keep things accurate.

unity hitbox 2d

Inside the hitbox script there are variables for everything any individual frame might need; its damage, its attackID to keep 1 attack from hitting more than once and for allowing multihitting moves to occur, how much knockback it does, and how much hitstun it puts on the enemy, etc etc.

It also registers whenever an enemy enters that collider and activates what that attack does. This makes it expandable to work with things like command grabs, normal grabs, super moves, you get the idea. This should give you the level of control you are looking for and still be If you want more info, let me know, and I'll get back to you when I can. SmashingSuccessSep 5, Joined: Apr 1, Posts: I am developing a similar project too.

GamingbirJul 10, May 31, '17 in Help Room.

unity hitbox 2d

Apr 29, '17 in Help Room. Jan 8, '17 in Help Room. Nov 1, '16 in Help Room. Apr 11, '16 in Help Room. JoshuaMcKenzie answered. MustacheGolem published. Aug 10, '15 hitbox. To help users navigate the site we have posted a site navigation guide. Make sure to check out our Knowledge Base for commonly asked Unity questions. Login Create account. Ask a question. Cancel Update. All Questions Unanswered Questions. Razputin answered Can you animate childs transform while blending parent?

Nanon published how to handle hitbox skeleton for characters? Rhave edited How to use collision detection properly? MustacheGolem published Can i combine a circle collider with a polygon collider?

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How to flip hitboxes if my 2D Sprite is Flipped in AnimationsEditor ? [Unity2D]

Enter Childish Gambino's cosmic, mystical world in the world's first multi-platform, multi-player AR music experience. An inside look at real-time rendering for automotive.Discussion in ' 2D ' started by The-BritainMar 24, Search Unity. Log in Create a Unity ID. Unity Forum. Forums Quick Links. Asset Store Spring Sale starts soon! Unite Now has started! Come level up your Unity skills and knowledge. Joined: Mar 31, Posts: Well, I've done some research on this, but none of the solutions were satisfactory.

We've ran into multiple barriers, including the inability to GET the actual frame of animation the animator is currently on. If I could accurately get the frame of animation each time, I could just manually create an array points boxes for each frame.

Even the most accurate time based division to get the current frame is always a frame off eventually, this is not a solution. Last edited: Mar 6, The-BritainMar 24, Joined: Jan 21, Posts: 2, Do the sprite animations yourself, and use the same system to swap out colliders. LiterallyJeffMar 24, Any other fancy animation with curves and such can still be done with the animator. There's also animation events that you can use to trigger changes if you prefer.

I suppose you COULD try using those animator state scripts to drive ONLY your collider animations, but if you want to guarantee perfectly synced sprite-to-collider animations, I would keep them using the same system. I'm just spitballing ideas here, I haven't personally implemented a system like this, but those are definitely some things I would try first.

Yeah, this approach is definitely more work on your part, and very much re-inventing the wheel. You could in theory implement your own exit time as well.

LiterallyJeffMar 25, The-BritainMar 25, Joined: Dec 16, Posts: 4. Question needs more context in my opinion. If you cant resolve the frame the animation is in, accurately, no solution suggestions for how to store the hitboxes really helps right? MassianoMar 25, You could animate a script variable in an animation itself?

Alright, here is what I worked out. It animates pretty smoothly with around animations loaded for 4 characters.

You can have as many hit and hurt boxes as you would like. You load each animation as a frame. I provided an example picture. Could one of you be kind enough to include another function that would draw a green box for the hurt and a red box for the hit box that works with both perspective and ortho cameras? I am using a perspective camera to get the advantage of easy parallax scrolling and depth effects. GUI will not work for this, I am also trying to avoid canvases as generating this many objects could be detrimental.Search Unity.

Log in Create a Unity ID. Unity Forum. Forums Quick Links. Asset Store Spring Sale starts soon! Unite Now has started! Come level up your Unity skills and knowledge. Joined: Apr 24, Posts: Would it possible to use an asset like smoothmoves to animate and then attach the hitboxes to the character that way?

Is there a way I could do this using the built in unity collider engine? I been looking around a bunch and just couldnt find anything. I'm open to buying any asset that could help.

HKSpadezApr 15, Joined: Mar 27, Posts: Typically, you'd set up one or more colliders you can always add colliders to child objects if you need collisions on different layers or parameters to both the targets and the attacks, and detect when they collide. If you want the collision to be ignored for physics purposes, you set them to "trigger". Then, you catch the event in a script to determine what happens e.

PyrianApr 16, So are these "colliders" just game objects that I will be attaching to the skeleton of my 2d animation?

2D Shooting in Unity (Tutorial)

HKSpadezApr 16, Colliders are actually components of game objects, rather than GameObjects in their own right. You can then set the Collider to Trigger if you don't want it to bounce from the physics engine. Once the colliders are in place, you'll need to catch those collision events in a script to do something like taking damage. BTW, the 2D Overview actually does exactly this, where the projectiles use trigger colliders to detect impacts on targets, which then either take damage or get destroyed.Its shape is a rectangle with a defined position, width and height in the local coordinate space of a Sprite A 2D graphic objects.

If you are used to working in 3D, Sprites are essentially just standard textures but there are special techniques for combining and managing sprite textures for efficiency and convenience during development. More info See in Glossary. Note that the rectangle is axis-aligned - that is, its edges are parallel to the X or Y axes of local space.

Version: Language : English. Unity Manual. Unity User Manual Circle Collider 2D. Polygon Collider 2D. Publication Date: Material An asset that defines how a surface should be rendered, by including references to the Textures it uses, tiling information, Color tints and more. The available options for a Material depend on which Shader the Material is using.

A physics Material that determines properties of collisions A collision occurs when the physics engine detects that the colliders of two GameObjects make contact or overlap, when at least one has a rigidbody component and is in motion.

More info See in Glossarysuch as friction and bounce. Check this box if you want the Box Collider A cube-shaped collider component that handles collisions for GameObjects like dice and ice cubes. More info See in Glossary 2D to behave as a trigger. Tick this checkbox if you want this Collider to be used by an attached Composite Collider 2D.

When you enable Used by Compositeother properties disappear from the Box Collider 2D component, because they are now controlled by the attached Composite Collider 2D. Tick this checkbox if the Sprite Renderer A component that lets you display images as Sprites for use in both 2D and 3D scenes.

Controls a radius around edges, so that vertices are circular. This results in a larger Collider 2D with rounded convex corners.Thank you for helping us improve the quality of Unity Documentation. Although we cannot accept all submissions, we do read each suggested change from our users and will make updates where applicable. For some reason your suggested change could not be submitted. And thank you for taking the time to help us improve the quality of Unity Documentation.

Further information about the other collider is reported in the Collider2D parameter passed during the call. Note: Trigger events are only sent if one of the Colliders also has a Rigidbody2D attached. Trigger events are sent to disabled MonoBehaviours, to allow enabling Behaviours in response to collisions. The following two script examples create an OnTriggerEnter2D demo. Example1 generates a Unity logo sprite, GameObject1. This sprite is collided with by the Example2 sprite, GameObject2.

unity hitbox 2d

The Example1 script creates the Rigidbody2D. The kinematic mode is used on this script. Example2 supports the OnCollisionEnter2D method. This is called when GameObject2 collides with GameObject1.

The script code for GameObject2 controls the time it takes to collide with GameObject1. GameObject2 is animated left-to-right repeatedly. When on the left side of the screen GameObject2 moves right towards GameObject1. When these have collided GameObject2 returns back to the left. The left side of the screen is the starting point for GameObject2.

The right side of the screen is the constant position of GameObject1. GameObject2 stays collided for a short length of time. Is something described here not working as you expect it to? It might be a Known Issue. Please check with the Issue Tracker at issuetracker.

Version: Language English. Scripting API. Suggest a change. Submission failed For some reason your suggested change could not be submitted. Parameters other The other Collider2D involved in this collision. Description Sent when another object enters a trigger collider attached to this object 2D physics only.


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